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Sunday, 28 December 2014

New Year’s Blog Hop

Merry Christmas 
and Happy New Year!!

thank you all for joining us!

Enter the grand prize drawing below and then hop to the author pages at the bottom where you may find other contests to enter this weekend. I'm also doing a giveaway as a thank you to my readers and visitors for stopping by each week to see what's happening here.

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Monday, 22 December 2014

Killer Heels

If there was a need to come up with a reason to head up to New York for a Christmas visit, then the Brooklyn Museum has provided one with their Killer Heels exhibition.

Who could ask for anything better? Heading up north for that brisk midtown wind. Strapping on a great pair of heels for taxi rides and shopping and then over to Brooklyn for some culture.

What is on my Christmas list? Other than a whole selection of dirty books? A great pair of shoes.

Happy Christmas everyone. 

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Giveaway

Christmas is only days away and you could be making out with the latest from the Delinquent Cheerleaders: Shelley's Hot Tub Threesome.

To be in with a chance to win, add your own personal cheer to the comments below. The best will be selected for a free ebook. Happy Cheering.

Monday, 15 December 2014

High Heels Hypnotise Men

A new study published by the Archives of Sexual Behavior (a girl can read porn and scientific journals can’t she?) has revealed that men take more notice of a woman in high heels. Shocker.

Psychology is clearly making leaps forward with this earth shattering discovery.

In four experiments involving over 500 men, the helpfulness of men were judged against different women wearing flat shoes and different women wearing high heels. The results were pretty conclusive. Men were more helpful to a women they did not know if she was wearing high heels and was more likely to approach a woman in a bar if she was wearing high heels.

The author of study has noted that a woman’s appearance can influence a man’s behavior to them. Not that a man’s appearance can change a woman’s behavior towards him. Not at all. We women are not as shallow as to change the way we act if we are faced with a good looking man. No, I’ve never done that, ever, promise (well not yet today).

In an article that for me is related, it was discovered that men are idiots and more prone to risk taking. Does that include approach women with high heels? What else does it include? It’s Christmas, I’ll wear my heels for a stupid risk taking man, especially if he is hunky. What am I say, I am going to wear my heels anyway.

For a condensed version of the high heels study check out Medical News Today.

To find out what a guy would do if a girl had been a cheerleader, check out the Delinquent Cheerleaders.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Seven Tricks, Treats, Temptations Blog Party

Seven Tricks, Treats, Temptations Blog Party

Thanks to Candi Silk for inviting me to participate in the Seven Tricks, Treats, and Temptations Blog Party.

Halloween is such a naughty holiday. We thought it would be a devilish thing to surprise readers with 7 Tricks, Treats, and Temptations about our writing. You’ll get a mixture of scary, fun, tantalizing stuff about characters, plots, suspense, twists and turns. Enjoy my treat bag of 7 fun things, then hop over to my list of fun and entertaining authors. Don’t be surprised if they scare the covers off your books. Boo!

Tricks, Treats, Temptations of Christie St Claire

1. Tara and Ashley are getting hot and sticky with marshmallows in Ashley’s Sleepover.

2. Going into the Locker room looks to me like Brittany is experiencing a trick or is it turning into a treat for the coach? Only Penalties in the Locker Room knows the truth.

3. In Lisa Goes all the Way for an A, Lisa has a trick to play on Prof Woodson and I think he is going to like it.

4. Prudence’s Punishment is nothing but a treat for everyone but Prudence. Watch out for a naked cheerleader and her step daddy’s belt.
5. Misty Showers with the Quarterback is a full on hot and soapy treat for the new quarterback

6. The Harrison’s live next door to Shelley and were not expecting a skinny dipping cheerleader in their hot tub. Oh well, time to party.

7. Christie St Claire delivers the dirty little secrets of the delinquent cheerleaders of Fenton University.

Continue your howling hop over to the following creative writers. They’ll show you more bewitching stuff, but be warned they all have reputations for reads that’ll surprise and entertain you. Enjoy!

M. V. Gaius has been writing femdom fiction for years. Embracing the ebook revolution, M. V. Gaius has made a number of great femdom stories available on Amazon. Specializing in Female Domination, CFNM, Tease and Denial and various foot fetish themes, the erotica of M. V. Gaius tells a story, contains hot scene and has a sense of humor along with the crack of the lash.

Bryson Cooke is filling his blog with dirty stories and publishing on Amazon and Smashwords. He has some great ideas and some dirty thoughts. Check out his Ashley series on his blog.

Bryson Cooke Blog