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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Delinquent Review: Pool Shark and Other Femdom Stories

Delinquent Review: Pool Shark and Other Femdom Stories

M.V.Gaius is dishing up some sex crazed hunks with a huge helping of femdom. This is femdom at its best and most extreme. Forget those one story publications costing you 3 or 4 bucks. This is value for money that is going to get you hornier than hell.

A great collection of stories, Pool Shark and Other Femdom Stories serves up a massive helping of male vanity justly punished. A great cast of male characters manipulate and exploit women only to find themselves on the receiving end of some femdom retribution.

Tom is a pool shark who hustles a girl out of her clothes only to find himself stacked up against an entire sorority. What could be better? When Tom loses he becomes a naked slave boy. In 'One Pump Chump' Desiree, a wealthy and sexy stripclub owner, buys the life of a good looking guy and gets her money out of his submission. 'The Prankster' is a change of pace, with a girlfriend with supernatural powers inflicting some serious consequences on her boyfriend.

The collection ends with a bang for you, but Steve the erstwhile protagonist of 'Steve's One Night Stand' is at the short end of a chastity device and a cruel mistress who turns a one night stand player into a submissive bitch. Gaius writes the story beautifully, giving you all the intensity of Steve's submission while leaving your hands free to get yourself off.

If you are looking for great Femdom action, look no further. Get Pool Shark and Other Stories here at Amazon US or Amazon UK. Catch up with M.V. Gaius and his great book covers at his blog Femdom Stories or follow him on twitter @mvgaius. Don't delay or mistress will be displeased.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Cheerleader Scandal: Courtney Simpson

Once again we return to Arizona, cheerleader scandal capital of the world. This time we have a cheerleader who, having quit the squad (apparently) took her Arizona State Sun Devils uniform and went and made a porn film.

After a few nude pictures and a small oral sex pictures, Cory Heart became Courtney Simpson to engage in full sex, no holes barred (if you know what I mean) with two guys while wearing her official Sun Devils cheerleader uniform. Classical Arizona State.

Arizona State University looked into making a legal claim for, get this trademark infringement and intellectual property. Let me just say that again intellectual property associated with the wearing a cheerleader uniform in a porn film. Hell, isn’t that the point, there is no intellectual property in this situation. The controversy didn’t hurt Courtney Simpson’s career when she retired a couple of years later she had made over 250 films. Maybe the uniform didn’t fit any more. 
Courtney Simpson did suggest she was going to go back to school and get her degree. I don’t think ASU are going to have you back sweetie. Not unless you seriously dry clear that uniform.

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Friday, 17 July 2015

Cheerleader Scandals: Blue Bombers

What? More inappropriate pictures of cheerleaders? Well yes. This time it is not ASU. That is the first surprise, there aren’t any more surprises, just pictures of cheerleaders taking sexy selfies and a couple of pictures in cheerleading uniforms.

The question I have to ask is what is exactly inappropriate in a cheerleading uniform?

Think about it for a moment, as cheerleaders part of our job is to flash our underwear and act provocative. A couple of us take pictures of doing just that and we (or should I say they?) get into trouble. Of course, they are also taking naked pictures of themselves so I can see why the team might be pissed.

The philosophical moment has passed. Now, focus your attention on cheerleaders in underwear unwittingly released onto the internet.Long live the internet.

And for those of you with a vague interest in the reason for the pictures, The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are a football team of our friends across the border. Other than that, you have some cheerleaders, referred to as Blue Lightening, dressing while some other cheerleaders take pictures. There was some quick resignations, a banning and with some fast taking the Blue Bombers claim the most drastic offenders weren't cheerleaders any more. Simple.

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